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No matter who you are, you have most likely already experienced pain sometime throughout your life. It is important that you do not ignore the pain as it can get worse. There are many different ways to manage pain; seeking help at physical therapy Yaphank NY is one way you can do so. 

What is Pain ?

Pain is a reaction of the nervous system that warns you of possible injury. There are many different kinds of pain, and the levels of pain can vary greatly. The different types of pain are as follows: acute pain, subacute pain, and chronic pain.

  • Acute Pain: Occurs suddenly and lasts for a short period of time. Acute pain may result from injuries such as cuts, burns, and bone fractures or illnesses such as strep throat and food poisoning. If you have experienced any of the following injuries or illnesses, you know that the pain tends to be sharp and will go away once the cause has been treated. 
  • Chronic Pain: Unlike acute pain, chronic pain lasts longer as it comes and goes for over months or potentially years. Some examples that cause chronic pain include cancer, arthritis, or chronic migraines. When the cause of chronic pain can not be identified, it is said to be functional pain. 
  • Subacute Pain: This type of pain persists for more than six weeks even after effort has been made to get rid of the pain. You may experience subacute pain because of an underlying condition, injury, inflammation, or surgical treatment. 

Three Types of Pain Management

There are many different ways that one can manage pain. Three common types of pain management include medication, therapy, and manipulation, and massage. 

  • Medication: Many different kinds of medication are prescribed for pain depending on how serious the pain is and what is causing the pain. Your doctor or physical therapist at physical therapy Yaphank NY may prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and opioid medications, if possible; depending on the severity of your injury. There are also many over-the-counter pain relievers. 
  • Physical Therapy Yaphank NY: When exercises are not done correctly, pain can be worsened. Attending physical therapy can help this problem by having a therapist tailor the right exercise program specifically for you. A physical therapist will build your tolerance and reduce pain so that you do not overdo it.   
  • Manipulation and Massage: These are more therapeutic approaches to treating pain. At physical therapy Yaphank NY, therapists use manipulation and massage the soft tissues in muscles that are causing pain. 

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