auto accident treatment in Brookhaven
Young man rubbing his aching neck, looking tired from driving. Male driver having neck pain, sitting in his car

It can be one of the scariest experiences to go through when you get into a car accident, especially if it is your first. You are considered lucky if you walk away with not only minimal damages to your car but to yourself as well. If you sustain an injury, you can seek auto accident treatment in Brookhaven to help you return to your daily life. 

Common Injuries

Here is a list of  common car accident injuries:

  • Whiplash – whiplash occurs when your body moves in ways it’s not supposed to at a higher speed than you would typically move. You may feel discomfort in your neck and/or back when you experience this.
  • Concussions – concussions usually happen when you sustain an impact to your head on the steering wheel, headrest on the seat, or the airbag going off. Symptoms of a concussion typically vary depending on the person; however, the most common ones are not remembering what happened and feeling like it takes longer for your brain to process something.
  • Broken bones – depending on the impact of the car accident and where you are hit, you may end up breaking something. If you feel pain and notice swelling in an area, see a doctor for auto accident treatment in Brookhaven.


While whiplash and concussions can be treated at home with rest and some ice, other injuries may not have the same results. If you find you have a broken bone, you may have to have a more rigorous treatment plan; which depends on the severity of the break. With a broken bone, your limb will be immobilized for an extended period of time, and you will likely need to undergo physical therapy to help restore its strength. This is a similar treatment you would get if you injured your back enough from the whiplash, where rest will be recommended and then moved into physical therapy. Ensuring your back receives the proper treatment makes the recovery process easier and quicker. 


When it comes to a car accident, you always want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and tending to any injuries you may have. These injuries could vary from concussions to broken bones depending on the severity of the car accident. If you sustain a severe injury, seeking out auto accident treatment in Brookhaven is the first step to regaining your strength and returning to your daily life. Contact us if you need therapy today!