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Back injuries are common, and even more so in the workplace. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the back injuries of over one million workers accounted for roughly 1 out of every 5 workplace injuries and illnesses! Is the likelihood of back pain a consideration of yours before applying for a job? Check out this list of the top 10 jobs that cause back pain (If you already work one of these jobs, experience back pain, and need a Brookhaven chiropractor, check out Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT!)    

1) Driver

Taxi drivers, limo drivers, chauffeurs, Uber/Lyft drivers, delivery truck drivers, and especially long-haul drivers are at serious risk for back pain due to their profession. Long periods of sitting in the same position are a recipe for back pain and all sorts of back issues. 

2) Construction Workers

These workers put their bodies under constant pressure and strain with the tasks they are assigned to carry out. Back injuries aside, construction workers are at constant risk of all forms of injuries. Back injuries fall at the forefront on account of heavy lifting.

3) Nurses & Other Healthcare Workers

Nurses are on their feet for the majority if not their entire long-hour shifts, leading to increased pressure on their spines, and pain. Not to mention nurses often have to move heavy equipment, patients, and bend in uncomfortable positions to treat said patients.

4) Dentists & Dental Hygienists 

Not the first job many people would think of, but upon further investigation, it makes complete sense. Dentists spend many hours of their day in a twisted spine position to lean up out of their chair and over you to perform their job. Over time, the compounding hours of being in this position undoubtedly will lead to discomfort. Even other medical professionals require a Brookhaven chiropractor from time to time.

5) Auto Mechanics

Cars are heavy and difficult to move on a whim, so auto mechanics must move into position to fix the car. Some of those positions are uncomfortable to even think about, let alone perform. Add this to the heavy lifting of car parts, and you get a job that risks back pain.

6) Motherhood/Baby Care

From the backaches caused by being pregnant, carrying a child to birth, to the many years of raising a child, being a mother and caring for a baby is a job that checks all the criteria for one with a high-risk factor for back pain. It consists of constant lifting and carrying the child and supplies for them, which only gets heavier and heavier over time, and that’s just the start of it all. 

7) Factory Workers

Factory workers usually do a collective of repetitive movements for long periods. Doing this can lead to a repetitive motion disorder. Repetitive motion disorders can cause:

  • pain, aching, or tenderness
  • stiffness
  • throbbing
  • tingling or numbness
  • weakness
  • cramps

8) Police Officers

Officers of the law often equip themselves with heavy materials on their bodies and carry them all day. They also can spend many hours of their shifts sitting within their cars in the same position, wreaking havoc on their posture. It also can’t be taken lightly the risk of a back injury that may result from situations that may occur in the line of duty. 

9) Hairstylists

Standing the entire shift is a requirement for this position. This coupled with the constant uplifting of your arms to a raised position for extended periods creates much pressure and can lead to tension and discomfort in the thoracic spine and lumbar regions of the back. Luckily fixing that region is a specialty of Brookhaven chiropractor Robert Southard of Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT 

10) Restaurant Workers/Hospitality

Chefs, line cooks, waiters/waitresses, busboys, and caterers spend most of their time standing and moving around a fast-paced environment. Accidents are plentiful in the food/hospitality business due to the haste with which most actions get done.

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