physical therapy Yaphank

Muscle strains are among the most common injuries that can happen at any time. Someone may slip and fall the wrong way or pull a muscle while engaging in physical activity. If your muscle is strained too much, you may need to see a physical therapist. Going to physical therapy Yaphank will help heal the strained muscle and strengthen it to prevent it in the future.


Muscle strains refer to the damage a muscle endures, such as pulling or tearing it. For some, this can be an incredibly painful experience, especially when the muscle is torn. If you suspect you may have strained a muscle, keep a lookout for these symptoms:

  • Bruising, swelling, or redness due to the injury
  • When you are resting, you feel pain
  • Experiencing pain when a particular muscle or joint is used
  • Weakness of your muscle
  • Completely unable to use the muscle

If you continue to experience any of these symptoms for longer than 24 hours, contact your doctor to get an official prognosis on what is causing this pain. 

Physical Therapy

With a minor strain, it is possible that it will heal on its own with an ice pack and a heating pad. However, for a more serious muscle strain, physical therapy is always beneficial in the healing process. Physical therapy Yaphank is always something to consider when it comes to an injury because it not only helps the healing process but also provides itself as a preventative measure for re-injury or other injuries. It finds the source of the pain and treats it in order to improve your quality of life. In order to properly treat this pain, you may undergo a series of training and exercises to give you the best care possible. 

  • Low-impact aerobic training – This is very similar to your warm-up workout before you get into heavy-duty lifting. However, you would use a stationary bike or walk quickly instead of running. This is to take as much pain off your joints as possible.
  • Strengthening exercises – These would be a normal workout but modified depending on your comfort level. By strengthening the surrounding muscles, it alleviates pressure on the muscle that is in pain and benefits the overall healing process.
  • Pain relief exercises – This is where the fun begins. This aspect of the physical therapy session is meant to make your life easier by targeting the areas that are in pain and strengthening them. 
  • Stretching – Finally, the stretching exercises will give your muscle that flexibility and mobility without causing an extreme amount of pain. Your muscles will be able to move more freely and prevent further injury in the future. 

Overall, physical therapy should not be a painful experience. When it comes to muscle strains, they can be more on the difficult side to heal if the process is not done correctly. Going to physical therapy Yaphank will help you make sure you are healing correctly and within a timely manner.