no fault chiropractor in Mastic
People working in construction site. Young men at work in new house inside apartment building. Latino manual worker helping injured co-worker after accident on duty

Injuries can occur anywhere whether you are training for a marathon or spinning on your favorite office chair at work. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent an accidental slip at work, our team at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy are here to assist you with a no fault chiropractor in Mastic. Keep reading to learn more about common workplace injuries that we might be able to help you with. 

Common workplace injuries

  • Sprains- very common especially with all the clutter of construction spaces, make sure to look at where you’re walking in case there is something on the floor you’re not meaning to step on.  
  • Strains- happens to people working in just about any field. This can lead to long-lasting chronic pain that usually can be addressed by switching up the orientation of your body so that it isn’t in a single position for a prolonged period of time. 
  • Tears are commonly found in construction workers and people working in physically demanding occupations. 
  • Musculoskeletal Pain or Soreness: commonly caused by improper spinal alignment for those with desk jobs, and excessive exertion of the body for those in physically intense fields.
  • Crashes and collisions- Whether you’re driving a motorized vehicle or working in proximity to them, you may be at risk of getting hurt in a crash or collision.

No fault chiropractor in Mastic

Injuries can happen anywhere regardless of whether you are in the workplace or going to the gym. No fault injuries such as accidents involving motorized vehicles can be especially painful emotionally and physically. Our team of no fault chiropractor in Mastic at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy specialized in guiding you and helping you through these situations. Our chiropractors can assist you with your issues regarding your neck, back, shoulder, and spine. 

Searching for a no fault chiropractor in Mastic? 

Being careful just isn’t enough sometimes. No fault accidents are usually caused by more than just one factor. If you need a no fault chiropractor in Mastic you have come to the right place. Our team at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy is eager to see how we can help you get back on your feet and feel better than ever before. Visit our website to set up your appointment today!