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Here at Suffolk Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and PT , physical therapy Mastic, we see many acute sports injuries. The common acute sports injuries are often related to sudden movements or direct blows. They include sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, and contusions.

Types Of Sports Injuries

Sprains are caused by a twisting injury that damages ligaments. The knee is the most commonly injured joint with this type of injury. Strains are caused by an overstretching of a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect muscles to bones. A sprain is a stretch and tear of a ligament, whereas a strain is a stretch and partial tear of a muscle or a tendon. The hamstring muscle in the back of the thigh is especially vulnerable since it crosses two joints. Fractures are breaks in bones caused by direct impact or by twisting or bending forces. Dislocations are the displacement of bones from their normal location at a joint. The shoulder is most susceptible to dislocations, usually caused by falling on an outstretched hand or by direct impact. Contusions or bruising can occur with no broken skin but only minor bleeding under tissue (subcutaneous) layers.

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Athletes can prevent injuries by warming up, stretching, being in shape, practicing with physical therapy Mastic and playing within their limits. Proper footwear is important for all sports to prevent ankle injuries. Drinking water and sports drinks during exercise can help maintain hydration. Cooling down and resting after a workout prevents sudden drops in blood pressure and other problems.

If an athlete is injured, we recommend that they follow these steps:

– Stop the activity

– The injured area should be rested and not put under pressure. If it is necessary, place a towel or similar between the injured part and the rest of the body. This will minimize pain in injury rehabilitation.

– Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Do this for 10 minutes every 2 hours, or as needed.

– Cold compresses are usually recommended to be continued until the next day. During this time, it is important that an injured person does not do anything strenuous such as working out.

– After 48 hours, heat may be used for its vasodilation effect, which increases blood flow and helps the injury heal faster.

– After 48 hours, heat may be applied to increase blood flow and help the injury heal faster.

Contact Us: If you or a loved one have experienced a sports injury out on the field, SCR & PT , physical therapy Mastic, can help. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in physical therapy for all types of sports injuries. We will create a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling your best and back on the field/ court as soon as possible.