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Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy (SCR&PT) is a 5-star rated multidisciplinary Chiropractic and Physical Therapy practice located in Shirley, New York providing chiropractic care. Our team specializes in care for all ages, helping patients overcome everything from chronic pain to no-fault accidents and post-surgery rehabilitation. Our goal is to get you back to living a pain-free life. Call today for a chiropractor near Brookhaven!

Our doctors at SCR&PT have provided our patients with safe, effective, and gentle care for over 30 years of servicing the Shirley community. We believe in a comprehensive patient-centered approach to care. Our team’s mission is to provide our patients with relief and improve their quality of life through our multidiscipline approach.

When you require high-quality care, you can feel confident that you are in good hands at SCR&PT. Our patient-centered approach to care has delivered exceptional results to our patients. Our team communicates closely with referral sources and provides timely reports. Most importantly, our team provide services that help our patients get real results.

Here at Suffolk Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and PT , chiropractor near Brookhaven, we see many acute sports injuries. The common acute sports injuries are often related to sudden movements or direct blows. They include sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, and contusions.

chiropractor near Brookhaven

Types Of Sports Injuries

Sprains are caused by a twisting injury that damages ligaments. The knee is the most commonly injured joint with this type of injury. Strains are caused by an overstretching of a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect muscles to bones. A sprain is a stretch and tear of a ligament, whereas a strain is a stretch and partial tear of a muscle or a tendon. The hamstring muscle in the back of the thigh is especially vulnerable since it crosses two joints. Fractures are breaks in bones caused by direct impact or by twisting or bending forces. Dislocations are the displacement of bones from their normal location at a joint. The shoulder is most susceptible to dislocations, usually caused by falling on an outstretched hand or by direct impact. Contusions or bruising can occur with no broken skin but only minor bleeding under tissue (subcutaneous) layers.

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Athletes can prevent injuries by warming up, stretching, being in shape, practicing with chiropractor near Brookhaven and playing within their limits. Proper footwear is important for all sports to prevent ankle injuries. Drinking water and sports drinks during exercise can help maintain hydration. Cooling down and resting after a workout prevents sudden drops in blood pressure and other problems.

If an athlete is injured, we recommend that they follow these steps:

– Stop the activity

– The injured area should be rested and not put under pressure. If it is necessary, place a towel or similar between the injured part and the rest of the body. This will minimize pain in injury rehabilitation.

– Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Do this for 10 minutes every 2 hours, or as needed.

– Cold compresses are usually recommended to be continued until the next day. During this time, it is important that an injured person does not do anything strenuous such as working out.

– After 48 hours, heat may be used for its vasodilation effect, which increases blood flow and helps the injury heal faster.

– After 48 hours, heat may be applied to increase blood flow and help the injury heal faster.

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If you or a loved one have experienced a sports injury out on the field, SCR & PT , chiropractor near Brookhaven, can help. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in physical therapy for all types of sports injuries. We will create a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling your best and back on the field/ court as soon as possible.

Chiropractor near Brookhaven

There are many different types of doctors at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation and PT, that can help you if you hurt your back at work, such as a chiropractor near Brookhaven, physical therapist or general practitioner.

It is often best to go to a specialist in back pain when you have an injury related to your job. These doctors know more about how the body works and what treatments will be most effective in your situation.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes, it is important to tell the doctor about this when you see them for a back injury related to work. Your doctor will then know how best to treat you and that they should continue treatment for these conditions during and after your recovery from your injury.

A chiropractor near Brookhaven can give you treatment that focuses on your back, such as physical therapy or massage. A workers comp chiropractor in Yaphank often have their patients do exercises that also focus on other parts of the body. In some cases, chiropractors may use a technique called spinal adjustment to help align the patient’s spine and offer them relief from pain caused by a sore back.

A physical therapist  can provide their patients with treatment and exercises to improve their mobility and strengthen muscles. They may also prescribe you a device such as a brace or cane to help relieve your pain and discomfort while you recover from your back injury related to work.

A general practitioner will be able to refer you to physicians who can treat your injured back. They often know which hospitals and doctors specialize in the treatment of back injuries and can give you advice on what to look for when making your decision.

You should always tell your chiropractor near Brookhaven if you’ve been part of any activities that might have contributed to your injury such as heavy lifting or a fall at work. This will help the doctor understand how your injury occurred and which treatments might be best for your condition. If you have been recently hurt at work be sure to call SRC&PT. We have a chiropractor near Brookhaven just for you. Don’t wait, call today!

At Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation, chiropractor near Brookhaven, a herniated disk is not considered to be chronic pain. However, the pain associated with a herniated disk can last months or even years after successful treatment of the injury has been received. The patient must rely on their doctor to assess if their pain should be treated as long-term and what course of action should be taken for that pain.

As a herniated disk is a condition that is primarily caused by a trauma to the disk, it can be considered acute. However, there are cases of this injury becoming chronic because the patient has not received treatment for the injury in a timely manner or at all. If they have not received treatment for their herniated disk injury, it can result in the herniated disk becoming chronic pain.

Chiropractor near Brookhaven will also be able to give the patient more information on why they are experiencing pain even though the injury has healed. If the doctor determines that the patient is still experiencing pain because the injury has become a chronic condition, they will be able to indicate what course of action should be taken.

Chiropractor near Brookhaven

The patient must rely on their doctor to find out if they are suffering from chronic pain or if they should return for additional treatment. If they have not received treatment for their herniated disk, then this may be an indication that more treatment is needed.

A patient should never assume that their herniated disk is cured after one procedure. Chiropractor near Brookhaven may indicate to the patient what course of action they need to take for their pain, which can include physical therapy or even medication.


Physical therapy for a herniated disk can be necessary to ensure that the patient has not experienced any long-term damage. However, these treatments can also assist in relieving pain and allowing the patient’s body time to heal. Chiropractor near Brookhaven will indicate whether physical therapy is required for the patient or if they should return for additional treatment at a later date.

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If you are in pain and think you may have a herniated disk contact us today. SCR&PT will get you back on track. We offer chiropractor near Brookhaven services to patients in need. The pain one suffers from a herniated disc is severe, and we want to help you! New patients welcomed! 


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    If you’ve ever had a pinched nerve, you might have experienced intense pain. Sometimes symptoms worsen from movement and eventually, they will start to affect your daily activities. At Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT, our chiropractor near Brookhaven will work with you to find the root cause of your pinched nerve and provide you with the best treatment available.

    What is a pinched nerve?

    A pinched nerve or “compressed” nerve occurs when pressure is applied to an area near tissues and tendons. A pinched nerve is no stranger to many parts of the body. This includes:

    • Upper spine
    • Lower back
    • Neck
    • Hip to knee
    • Feet

    A pinched nerve has many symptoms however, these are some common symptoms:

    • Sharp and aching pain radiates in the surrounding area
    • Burning sensation
    • Numbness and tingling
    • Muscle weakness

    What causes a pinched nerve?

    Intense pressure can cause a pinched nerve. However, there are a variety of conditions that cause these grueling symptoms. This includes:

    • Arthritis
    • Intense movement
    • Injury
    • Joint disease
    • Fractures
    • Obesity

    If you have these conditions, you are more likely to develop a pinched nerve. A variety of conditions causing pinched nerves might affect your daily life. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome might hinder your hand movement. This is because the nerve is compressed along with a swollen tendon in the tunnel. Considering the variety of conditions, our chiropractor near Brookhaven will determine a proper diagnosis based on medical history.

    Can a chiropractor near Brookhaven help a pinched nerve?

    Our chiropractor near Brookhaven will be able to find the best treatment available to you. A physical examination will determine how severely your reflexes and motor strength are being affected. This involves tests such as electromyography and nerve conduction study which use needles and electric shocks mildly. Basic x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging will be taken for evaluation by your chiropractor near Brookhaven.

    What treatments are available for a pinched nerve?

    There are many treatment options for a pinched nerve. Medications such as Advil or steroid medications are recommended to decrease pain and inflammation. However, physical therapy plays a role. Exercises and techniques to prevent further damage will help with pain management and prevention. Otherwise, acupuncture and massage therapy can be a big help in relieving intense pressure and pain.

    Suffolk Chiropractic Rehab & Physical TherapyChiropractor Near Brookhaven

    A pinched nerve could affect your daily life. At Suffolk Chiropractic Rehab & Physical Therapy, we guarantee a proper diagnosis and treatment. Contact us to schedule your appointment with the best chiropractor in Brookhaven. Get relief today! 

    chiropractor near Brookhaven

    Muscle strains are extremely common and can be caused by a variety of circumstances. When you strain a muscle, it can often be very tender, sore, and painful. Also, your range of motion and strength are sometimes affected by the strain. Muscle strains can also occur on a scale of severity. For minor muscle strains, treatment can usually be accomplished at home, whereas with more severe muscle strains, medical attention is likely necessary. You should call Brookhaven Chiropractor if you are having any of these issues.

    A majority of muscle strains typically occur in the lower back. If you feel as though you have suffered from a muscle strain and require a Brookhaven Chiropractor, contact us at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation and PT to schedule an appointment and get yourself on the path to recovery ASAP!

    How Do I Know If I Strained a Muscle? Chiropractor Near Brookhaven Tips

    Strained muscles can be difficult to self-diagnose as the symptoms can be touch and go and ambiguous. You might not immediately experience pain after an injury to the area; however, in the days to come, it could begin to increase in pain severity, decreased range of motion, or discomfort. 

    Most commonly, muscle strains occur when the muscle is overstretched beyond its normal range due to fatigue, overuse, improper use, or trauma to the muscle. It is always a good idea to rest the affected muscle if you suspect you may have strained it. That way, regardless of the severity of the injury, you are giving the muscle the required rest it needs to begin the healing process.

    Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation and PT are a Brookhaven Chiropractor that can be of help to you if you believe you may have suffered from a strained muscle. Visit our website for more information!

    Common Symptoms of a Muscle Strain

    Usually, when you strain a muscle, you will feel it when it occurs. You might not experience pain right or discomfort right away, however. 

    Common symptoms of a muscle strain are:

    • Soreness
    • Spasms
    • Swelling
    • Sudden rush of pain 
    • ROM Limitations
    • Stiffness

    Contact Our Brookhaven Chiropractor

    If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you may have strained muscle-contact a healthcare professional. If you’re in need of a Brookhaven Chiropractor, contact us at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation and PT for the best care. We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the time and attention needed to properly diagnose and treat their conditions. Visit our website for more information on our location, hours, and services we provide. 

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    Back injuries are common, and even more so in the workplace. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the back injuries of over one million workers accounted for roughly 1 out of every 5 workplace injuries and illnesses! Is the likelihood of back pain a consideration of yours before applying for a job? Check out this list of the top 10 jobs that cause back pain (If you already work one of these jobs, experience back pain, and need a chiropractor near Brookhaven, check out Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT!)    

    1) Driver

    Taxi drivers, limo drivers, chauffeurs, Uber/Lyft drivers, delivery truck drivers, and especially long-haul drivers are at serious risk for back pain due to their profession. Long periods of sitting in the same position are a recipe for back pain and all sorts of back issues. 

    2) Construction Workers

    These workers put their bodies under constant pressure and strain with the tasks they are assigned to carry out. Back injuries aside, construction workers are at constant risk of all forms of injuries. Back injuries fall at the forefront on account of heavy lifting.

    3) Nurses & Other Healthcare Workers

    Nurses are on their feet for the majority if not their entire long-hour shifts, leading to increased pressure on their spines, and pain. Not to mention nurses often have to move heavy equipment, patients, and bend in uncomfortable positions to treat said patients.

    4) Dentists & Dental Hygienists 

    Not the first job many people would think of, but upon further investigation, it makes complete sense. Dentists spend many hours of their day in a twisted spine position to lean up out of their chair and over you to perform their job. Over time, the compounding hours of being in this position undoubtedly will lead to discomfort. Even other medical professionals require a chiropractor near Brookhaven from time to time.

    5) Auto Mechanics

    Cars are heavy and difficult to move on a whim, so auto mechanics must move into position to fix the car. Some of those positions are uncomfortable to even think about, let alone perform. Add this to the heavy lifting of car parts, and you get a job that risks back pain.

    6) Motherhood/Baby Care

    From the backaches caused by being pregnant, carrying a child to birth, to the many years of raising a child, being a mother and caring for a baby is a job that checks all the criteria for one with a high-risk factor for back pain. It consists of constant lifting and carrying the child and supplies for them, which only gets heavier and heavier over time, and that’s just the start of it all. 

    7) Factory Workers

    Factory workers usually do a collective of repetitive movements for long periods. Doing this can lead to a repetitive motion disorder. Repetitive motion disorders can cause:

    • pain, aching, or tenderness
    • stiffness
    • throbbing
    • tingling or numbness
    • weakness
    • cramps

    8) Police Officers

    Officers of the law often equip themselves with heavy materials on their bodies and carry them all day. They also can spend many hours of their shifts sitting within their cars in the same position, wreaking havoc on their posture. It also can’t be taken lightly the risk of a back injury that may result from situations that may occur in the line of duty.

    9) Hairstylists

    Standing the entire shift is a requirement for this position. This coupled with the constant uplifting of your arms to a raised position for extended periods creates much pressure and can lead to tension and discomfort in the thoracic spine and lumbar regions of the back. Luckily fixing that region is a specialty of chiropractor near Brookhaven Robert Southard of Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT 

    10) Restaurant Workers/Hospitality

    Chefs, line cooks, waiters/waitresses, busboys, and caterers spend most of their time standing and moving around a fast-paced environment. Accidents are plentiful in the food/hospitality business due to the haste with which most actions get done.

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    If you or a loved one is employed at any of the above jobs and experiences back pain, consult with a chiropractor near Brookhaven at Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & PT. Book an appointment today!

    No matter who you are, you have most likely already experienced pain sometime throughout your life. It is important that you do not

    physical therapy Yaphank NY

    ignore the pain as it can get worse. There are many different ways to manage pain; seeking help at chiropractor near Brookhaven is one way you can do so. 

    What is Pain ? Our Chiropractor Near Brookhaven Explains

    Pain is a reaction of the nervous system that warns you of possible injury. There are many different kinds of pain, and the levels of pain can vary greatly. The different types of pain are as follows: acute pain, subacute pain, and chronic pain.

    • Acute Pain: Occurs suddenly and lasts for a short period of time. Acute pain may result from injuries such as cuts, burns, and bone fractures or illnesses such as strep throat and food poisoning. If you have experienced any of the following injuries or illnesses, you know that the pain tends to be sharp and will go away once the cause has been treated. 
    • Chronic Pain: Unlike acute pain, chronic pain lasts longer as it comes and goes for over months or potentially years. Some examples that cause chronic pain include cancer, arthritis, or chronic migraines. When the cause of chronic pain can not be identified, it is said to be functional pain. 
    • Subacute Pain: This type of pain persists for more than six weeks even after effort has been made to get rid of the pain. You may experience subacute pain because of an underlying condition, injury, inflammation, or surgical treatment. 

    Three Types of Pain Management

    There are many different ways that one can manage pain. Three common types of pain management include medication, therapy, and manipulation, and massage. 

    • Medication: Many different kinds of medication are prescribed for pain depending on how serious the pain is and what is causing the pain. Your doctor or physical therapist at chiropractor near Brookhaven may prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and opioid medications, if possible; depending on the severity of your injury. There are also many over-the-counter pain relievers. 
    • Chiropractor near Brookhaven: When exercises are not done correctly, pain can be worsened. Attending physical therapy can help this problem by having a therapist tailor the right exercise program specifically for you. A physical therapist will build your tolerance and reduce pain so that you do not overdo it.   
    • Manipulation and Massage: These are more therapeutic approaches to treating pain. At chiropractor near Brookhaven, therapists use manipulation and massage the soft tissues in muscles that are causing pain. 

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    If you are experiencing pain, seek help as soon as possible by attending Suffolk Chiropractic Rehab and PT, chiropractor near Brookhaven is young and old and will help overcome chronic or acute pain without the need for medication. Schedule your appointment today to get back to living life pain-free without relying on surgery or medications. 

    Chiropractic care is a proven, effective way to reduce shoulder pain. A chiropractor near Brookhaven uses a variety of techniques, including chiropractic adjustments, mobilization, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitative exercises to help reduce inflammation, realign the spine and restore joint health. If you are in need of chiropractic care, contact Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation and PT today! 

    Chiropractor Near Brookhaven: Minimizing Shoulder Pain: 

    The first step in minimizing shoulder pain with a chiropractor near Brookhaven is a thorough evaluation. Your chiropractor may conduct a physical examination and use X-rays or imaging tests to pinpoint problem areas in the spine or other parts of your body that are causing pain. Once they have identified the cause, they will create a personalized treatment plan designed to address your specific needs.

    Chiropractic Adjustments: 

    Chiropractic adjustments help to restore joint mobility and reduce inflammation through non-invasive techniques. During an adjustment, your chiropractor applies a controlled force to mobilize the spine or other joints in order to return them to their proper alignment. This helps alleviate pain and restores range of motion.

    Your chiropractor near Brookhaven may also recommend rehabilitative exercises for shoulder pain relief. These exercises help strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility, reducing the strain on your joints. They also help to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, which helps promote faster healing.

    Finally, your chiropractor may use soft tissue therapies like massage therapy and trigger point release to reduce pain and restore joint mobility. Massage is especially helpful in helping to relax tight muscles that can contribute to shoulder pain.

    By integrating these treatments, your chiropractor can help you reduce shoulder pain and restore normal function. They can also show you ways to prevent future injury and keep your body in balance. With the right care, you can feel better and get back to living an active lifestyle without the pain that shoulder issues may cause.

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    If you are experiencing shoulder pain, don’t hesitate to contact your chiropractor near Brookhaven. We can help diagnose the issue and create a customized treatment plan designed to reduce pain and restore normal function. By working with a professional, you can be on the road to recovery quickly and safely. Schedule an appointment with us today with our family chiropractic health and wellness team!

    Brookhaven chiropractor

    Chiropractic care can be a helpful and effective way to improve posture. The chiropractor will begin with an evaluation of your posture, range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility, as well as any underlying issues that may be contributing to poor posture. If you are a chiropractor near Brookhaven, to help with your posture, make an appointment Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy chiropractic clinic, in Brookhaven today!

    Treatment Plans: 

    The chiropractor will then develop a personalized treatment plan which may include spinal manipulation, massage therapy, corrective exercises, and wellness advice. Spinal manipulation seeks to realign the spine and restore balance within the musculoskeletal system. Massage therapy can help release tight muscles that are contributing to poor posture. Corrective exercises focus on strengthening weakened postural muscles as well as improving flexibility. Finally, wellness advice will provide tips for improving posture outside of the office.

    With regular chiropractic care and adherence to the wellness advice provided, you may find significant improvement in your posture over time. A chiropractor near Brookhaven can help reduce postural imbalances that have been caused by lifestyle habits such as sitting for long periods of time or bad sleeping positions. This improved posture can lead to better overall health and reduce pain. We treat many ailments. From sciatica to regular old back pain. We’ve got you covered.

    Effects Of Bad Posture: Chiropractor Near Brookhaven

    Bad posture can affect both physical and mental health. Improved posture can lead to improved mood, increased energy levels, better concentration, improved digestion, fewer headaches, and fewer aches and pains. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to improve your posture, consulting with a chiropractor may be the best option.

    The chiropractor near Brookhaven will evaluate your overall health and develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to fit your individual needs. With the right chiropractic care, you may be able to improve your posture and restore balance in your body. It’s important to note that results may vary from person to person, and regular chiropractic visits are recommended for optimal results.

    Contact Us: Chiropractor Near Brookhaven

    If you are looking for a way to improve your posture, speak to a chiropractor near Brookhaven today. They will be able to evaluate your current posture and develop an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to meet your needs. With dedication and regular visits, you may find yourself with improved posture and overall health! Schedule an appointment with us today for chiropractic care in Brookhaven! ! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a chiropractor do?

    A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. They use manual techniques, such as spinal adjustments and manipulations, to restore proper alignment and mobility to the joints, relieve pain, and promote overall wellness. Chiropractors may also provide advice on exercise, ergonomics, and lifestyle modifications to support their patients’ health. We highly recommend visiting our office for a consultation to determine which chiropractic services are right for you.

    Are chiropractic adjustments good for you?

    Chiropractic adjustments can provide benefits for certain individuals, but their effectiveness and safety vary depending on the specific situation and condition being treated. Chiropractic care primarily focuses on manipulating the spine and other joints to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and promote overall wellness.

    For individuals with certain musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, or certain types of headaches, chiropractic adjustments may offer relief and improved functionality. Some patients report positive outcomes and reduced pain following chiropractic treatment.

    If you are considering chiropractic care, it is crucial to consult with Suffolk Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy. We can evaluate your specific condition, discuss potential benefits and risks, and determine whether chiropractic adjustments are suitable for you. Additionally, it is advisable to consider an integrative approach to healthcare by involving other healthcare professionals and modalities to ensure comprehensive and evidence-based care.

    When should I see a chiropractor?

    You should consider seeing a chiropractor if you experience any of the following conditions or situations:

    1. Back or neck pain: If you have persistent or recurring pain in your back or neck, a chiropractor can help assess and treat the underlying issues, such as misalignments or spinal problems.
    2. Headaches: Chiropractic care can be beneficial if you frequently suffer from tension headaches or migraines, as spinal adjustments and other techniques may help alleviate the pain.
    3. Joint or muscle pain: Whether it’s joint stiffness, muscle spasms, or general discomfort in your joints or muscles, a chiropractor can provide relief and improve your range of motion.
    4. Posture problems: If you have poor posture or spend long hours in positions that strain your spine, a chiropractor can offer corrective exercises, adjustments, and advice on ergonomics to help improve your posture.
    5. Sports or repetitive strain injuries: Chiropractors specialize in treating injuries related to sports or repetitive activities. If you’ve experienced an injury or strain while playing sports or due to repetitive motions at work, a chiropractor can assist with your recovery.
    6. Limited mobility: If you find it difficult to move or perform certain activities due to restricted mobility in your joints or muscles, chiropractic care may help improve your flexibility and restore function.
    7. Overall wellness and preventive care: Even if you don’t have any specific pain or symptoms, chiropractic care can be beneficial for maintaining your overall health and well-being. Regular adjustments can help optimize your body’s functioning and prevent potential issues from developing.

    Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with our chiropractor to evaluate your specific condition and determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for your needs.